In the late 1700’s, mariner Francis Peabody of Saint John would frequently sail into Miramichi trading goods with merchants in Halifax. Peabody grew a growing fondness for area and decided to purchase a large tract of uninhabited wooded land covering our district area today. He later moved to the location, built a waterfront home and became an even more successful entrepreneur. His many river businesses included a lumber mill as well as a shipyard at England’s Hollow. He is referred to as the Father of Chatham’ by the Daily Gleaner with his passing in the early 1840’s. You will find a statue of Francis Peabody in our Waterford Green

It was during Peabody’s time and through the rest of the 18th century, the scope and size of the Miramichi economy brought ships mooring at river docks from around the world. Such global scale brought the rise of a number of influential river entrepreneurs like the famous Cunard brothers who established a huge shipbuilding and lumbering enterprise in our district area (brothers to Samuel Cunard of Halifax and Cunard Steamship Lines) and William Steward Loggie who built a local empire of industry from exporting fish, buying and selling lumber and who operated many establishments from hardware to footwear to groceries. You can cruise Cunard Street or swing down Loggie Drive when visiting our district to this day!

On January 1, 2000 the Province of New Brunswick officially designated our business district as New Brunswick’s first provincial historic district under subsection 2(3) of the Historic Sites Protection Act. The commemorative plaque reads “Historically, the Water Street area and the adjacent Miramichi riverfront bustled with shipping, shipbuilding, lumber industries and commerce. The enduring spatial quality and architectural character are reminiscent of the past.”



On behalf of our shops and offices whom we represent across our district area and beyond, we envision a future where the Historic Chatham Business District presents both a blend of a growing, vibrant, prosperous economy within the celebration of a dynamic, fun, social and cultural destination that thrives through the activation of its spaces, places and people.


Board of

The Historic Chatham Business District is a non-profit society founded in the 1980’s and governed by a volunteer board of directors who represent both property and business owners from within our defined district area. Our operating budget is derived from a special business improvement levy that property owners with our defined area pay annually.

Whether it is executing approved events or efforts involving beautification or governance, society issues are managed day-to-day by our General Manager.  He is also responsible for implementing programs and initiatives approved by the board.

To contact anyone on our board simply call us at 778-0900 or email hcadmin@historicchatham.ca

Name: Brian Geneau

Board Position: President

Company: Pizza Delight

Address: 1670 Water Street

City: Miramichi, NB

Postal Code: E1N 1A9

Name: Bruce Dickson

Board Position: Secretary, Treasurer

Company: Scotts Pharmasave

Address: 1781 Water Street

City: Miramichi, NB

Postal Code: E1N 1B2

Name: Anne Bracken

Board Position: Director

Company: Anne Bracken Formal Wear

Address: 1141 Wellington Street

City: Miramichi, NB

Postal Code: E1N 4N7

Name: Joan Blackmore

Board Position: Director

Company: All Decked Out

Address: 1804 Water Street

City: Miramichi, NB

Postal Code: E1N 1B6

Name: Carol Smearer

Board Position: Director

Company: Miramichi Medical Supplies

Address: 130 Duke Street

City: Miramichi, NB

Postal Code: 1N1 1H5

Name: Paul Underhill

Board Position: Director

Company: Chatham Town Centre

Address: 1780 Water Street

City: Miramichi, NB

Postal Code: E1N 3A5

Name : Lorna Urquhart

Board Position: Director

Company: Life Member

Address: 1670 Water Street

City: Miramichi, NB

Postal Code: E1N 1B1

Name: Matthew Waldriff

Board Position: Director

Company: Bank of Nova Scotia

Address: 1707 Water Street

City: Miramichi, NB

Postal Code: E1V 3G4

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